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When night falls, our sleepwalker gets up and takes a stroll still deep in sleep through dreamscapes filled with all kinds of creepy crawly bed bugs. To protect him, use multi-touch to squash Bed Bugs and keep the sleepwalker safe and sound asleep. Hold one bug while you tap another, and flick a third, but be careful not to get your fingers tied up in knots! Each of the 28 different baddies require special techniques to exterminate them. Can you figure them all out? Keep your eye out for the Friendly Fairy, Splitters, Jack in the Box and the Twins.

     - Easy to pick-up and play, but trying to get perfect may keep you up all night!

     - 5 great music tracks or play your own.

     - 28 unique enemies

     - Gorgeous dreamscapes

     - Beautiful bug splat animations

     - Perfectly suited sound FX

“Good night, Sleep tight

      Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite....”
Available for the 
iPhone & iPod touch
App Store

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